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You are a pioneer - constantly seeking new, creative ways to manipulate, mine and model data - to coax out fresh insights.

You create meaning from what others view as seemingly insurmountable chaos. SAS has been trailblazing in the field of analytics for nearly 40 years. Perhaps you use SAS. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, if you want to learn about new ways to derive value from data, no matter the size, and if you are curious about leading-edge analytical approaches - you’re in the right place.

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Minding the Analytics Gap

MIT research reveals a gap between an organization's ability to produce analytical results and its ability to apply them effectively to business issues. Read on for how to close the analytics gap.



Analytic Fluency Quiz

How well does your organization comprehend the language of analytics? Take this light-hearted quiz to discover your analytics comfort level and to learn how to bridge gaps.

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